02-04 NOVEMBER 2022

Hosted by Bodrum Municipality, The International Bodrum Herodotus Workshop takes place under the "Herodotos of Halikarnassos Week" events and will be held between 02-04 November at the Herodotus Cultural Center in Bodrum.

The program of the workshop, where 23 scientists from 8 different countries will discuss all aspects of "Herodotus" and his work "Histories" is carried out by Ancient History professor Mustafa H. Sayar from Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, Department of History. Sayar is also member of the Scientific Committee of the Turkish Historical Society.

Istanbul University, Mugla University.

Participant’ Countries:
United States of America, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Scotland, Turkey.

Hemşehrimiz Herodot Haftası - Uluslararası Bodrum Herodot Çalıştayı